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Gas heating

In heating hydrocarbon gases can be used in many areas.

GAS HEATING Advantageous source of energy mainly for:

Main advantages of hydrocarbon gases in heating:

  • clean and ecological heat source
  • comfortable servicing and easy regulation
  • reliability
  • safety
  • not depending on distribution network

A mixture of propane-butane or butane is used for heating – differences in their use.
    One of the basic characteristics which distinguishes propane from butane is the vapour pressure and evaporative capacity. While propane can evaporate at temperature -42 °C and has higher pressure, butane does not evaporate at temperatures under the zero. That is the reason why propane is mainly used as heating medium for pressure tank stations without a vaporizer. On the other hand, cylinders which are placed especially in buildings, cases or sheds, where the temperatures do not drop under the zero point, it is recommended to use a mixture of propane and butane for filling. You can use either a summer mixture with lower content of propane (30 – 40%) or a winter mixture where the proportion of propane and butane is opposite. Butane use in heating is limited by a possibility of its economical warm-up.

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