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Propane-Butane, LPG

The group PROFER GROUP is exceptional in the offer complexity in the field of liquified petroleum gases use.

PROFER GROUP is a specialist in the field of:
  • - purchase from direct sources (refineries)
  • - supplying by street tank cars from warehouses all over the Czech Republic
  • - construction and service of filling stations, their financing and operation
  • - construction of energy sources (heating, steam production, cogeneration)
  • - LPG and technical propane addition in order to increase its quality parametres (higher efficiency, reduced consupmtion, reduction of noxious substances influence)

PROFER GROUP is an innovator in the field of LPG use as an alternative energy source. What the others only think of, the team of PROFER GROUP is realizing. We look into problems in order to find solutions in favour of our customers. That is what makes PROFER GROUP exceptional in the LPG industry.

Wholesale trade for the Czech Republic:

Wholesale trade for EU:

Gas parametres:

Propane and butane belong to a group of hydrocarbon gases with three or four atoms of carbon in a molecule which are acquired during oil and natural gas processing. Liquified propane-butane is colourless, easily volatile liquid of specific odour. At normal (atmospheric) pressure and temperature it is a gaseous mixture, however at slightly increased pressure it becomes a liquid state and the capacity decreases (approximately 260 times). This is the reason why it is possible to store huge amount of calorific capacity in quite a small tank.
Propane-Butane is a mixture of in its name stated products (propane and butane). Propane and Butane are non-toxic and if accidentally spilled, they evaporate and have no ground or water pollution hazards. Emission levels of both products are comparable with natural gas and in some parametres they are better.

Propane and propane-butane can be stored in pressure tanks. Tanks are located outside of buildings above the ground or underground. Depending on the consumption it is possible to install tanks of the capacity from 2 m3 (mostly for houses) up to 250 m3. There exist storage tanks safety zones with regard to the tank size, varying from 3 m (houses) to 100 m.

Propan-butan, characteristics units propane butane
Chemical formula - C3H8 C4H10
Molecule weight - 44,094 58,12
Liquid state
Density at 20 °C Kg/m3 502 579
Melting point at pressure 101,08 kPa °C -189 -135
Boiling point at pressure 101,08 kPa °C -42,6 -0,6
Critical temperature °C 95,6 153
Critical pressure Mpa 4,45 3,721
Combustible heat KJ/kg 50,3 49,56
Gaseous state
Density at 101,08 kPa Kg/m3 2,019 2,703
Density 1 1,562 2,091
Combustible heat at boiling poing and pressure 101,08 kPa KJ/kg 444,057 387,79
Combustible heat at 0 °C, 101,08 kPa MJ/kg 100,986 133,97
Heat value ati 0 °C, 101,08 kPa MJ/kg 92,989 123,76
Low limit of explosibility with oxygen % 2,1 1,5
Top limit of explosibility with oxygen % 10,1 8,4
Flammability limit °C 510 490

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