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  • Replaces acetylene
  • Helps increase the performance in comparison with propane by reaching higher temperature (higher than with acetylene)

Why Chemtane 2 as substitution for acetylene? Most of work which you need to be done by using propane and oxygen can be done by using acetylene in much shorter time but it means higher expenses from both points of view – economic and safety. If you use Chemtane 2, you have a product which has the characteristics of acetylene whereas it is safer, cleaner and more economical.

Comparison with acetylene:
  • - You save up to 45% of oxygen
  • - You save min. 25% of labour
  • - You increase production by 25%
And all this with much better result!!!

More detailed information about Chemtane 2
  • Designed for industrial purposes, for burners, brazing, etc.
  • An outstanding product because it has a high flame temperature (3 315ºC), a flame structure well suited to heavy burning and welding, flame hardening, metallizing, quick brazing.
  • The time of preheat is noticeably shorter than competitive fuels because the flame temperature of Chemtane 2 is several hundred degrees hotter than other fuel gases including acetylene, therefore it brings the steel to ignition temperature more quickly.
  • The cutting speed is greater when making straight cuts, bevelling, gouging, cuts are smooth with no gouge marks, no rolled edges.
  • Surprising effectivness of costs, slag is minimal, labour expense is low because time for maintenance and cleanup time is almost nil.
  • Chemtane 2 does not have an excess of carbon available during combustion as is the case with acetylene and some other fuel gases.
  • The significant heat content advantage and reduced flow rates of gas and oxygen are the primary reasons why Chemtane 2 costs are substantially lower then if using acetylene.
  • Various tests and several years of customer experience have established that 0,453 kg of Chemtane 2 will do as much work as 0,594 m3 of acetylene.

Technical information:
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