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Butane heating

Heating suitable for industries as well as households.

Evaporation of gas can proceed in two ways:
  • - natural (spontaneous)
  • - by controlled process by means of a vaporizer

A vaporizer is a heater of LPG liquid without creating additional pressure. LPG enters the vaporizer as liquid and comes out as gas. It is possible to use vaporizers in multiple quantity in order to increase output of LPG installation.

Using a vaporizer will enable you:
  • To gain necessary evaporation while usual surrounding temperature is not sufficient for evaporating.
  • To gain more energy from small quantity of LPG.
  • To eliminate threat of gas condensation and tank freeze.
  • To remove harmful heavy ends from LPG fractions.
  • To eliminate influences of separating propane and butane and change of combustion characteristcs.

Electric vaporizer:

  • Simple, reliable LPG vaporizer within reach.
  • No water system – no corrosion, minimal maintenance.
  • Evaporation process is self-regulating – no switches, no temperature regulators or transmitions.

  • Two versions: Z40P (propane) or Z40L (propane-butane with max. 80% butane content).
  • Possible to use in ex-zone: possible to install directly on horizontal tank (with additional installation set).
  • Installation: possible to mount onto a wall, operate two or more vaporizer in parallel.
  • CE and ATEX certified (CE 0575, DEMKO 03 ATEX 0215525, EEX d IIA T4).

Technical parametres
Evaporation output max. 40 kg/h
Calculation excess pressure 17,24 bar
Electricity connection 120-240V, 50-60 Hz
Electric input (max.) 3,27-4,68 kW (0,1 kWh/kg evaporation)
Weight / Dimensions (LxHxW) cca. 30 kg / 790×260x160mm
Categories Ex-zones (safe against explosion) EEx d IIA T3, II 1 G class I section 1 group D T3C
Construction specifications ATEX regulations 94/9/EU, Pressure installation regulations 97/23/EU
Certificates CE, UL, CUL, DEMKO, PED (DNV)

Gas vaporizer (direct heating):

  • No electricity supply: DF vaporizers are operated by LPG (advantageous for gas companies).
  • Easy installation.
  • Parallel installation for better output is possible.

  • The same operation output with both – propane and butane.
  • Consumption of gas is 1 : 80 of evaporating gas.
  • All models are provided with operation and safety switches including regulation safety valve, 9 V DC regulator of burners input, entry filter.
  • Models 40/40H, 80/40H, 120/60H are UL, CE & ULC PED (DNV) approved.

Technical parametres
Model 40/40H 80/40H 120/60H
Evaporation output 80 kg/h 160 kg/h 240 kg/h
Calculation excess pressure 17,2 bar 17,2 bar 17,2 bar
Burner electric input 15 kW 30 kW 45 kW
Weight 70 kg 100 kg 125 kg
Dimensions (LxHxW) 53×104x56 cm 53×104x89 cm 53×127x89 cm
Construction specifications ASME section VIII, division 1, Pressure installation regulations 97/23/EU, modul H.
Certificates CE, UL, PED (DNV)

Where we have realized butane heating:
  • - houses
  • - schools
  • - industrial buildings

For further details please contact:
Technical director
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