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Industrial buildings

A factory or an industrial plant can be running smoothly thanks to the heating gas from Profer Group. It can be used as heating in various areas, offices, workshops, water warming and as ecological fuel it can be used in technological installations. Liquified gas enables heat processing of products or can be used as a heat source for preparation of hot air for drying in the industrial process.

In the field of industry we can provide the following services modified according to the client´s needs and wishes:

  • Gas installation project
    The most important and essential is to have a project of gas installation which can be easily integrated into the existing customer´s operation, especially with regard to the location and safety zones given by law.
  • Heat sources construction
    We use a wide range of possibilities in the offer of undergound and above-the-ground storage tanks of various capacities and sizes designed to best fit the customer´s situation, it means the energy consumption and accessibility because of supplying (especially in winter months).
  • Revision and service
    We provide full service including revisions and servicing required by law and enable thus a long-term operation without outages and failures.

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