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Nowadays, heating by liquified petroleum gases is one of the most ecological and comfortable ways of heating in houses, satellites, holiday areas, hotels, guest houses, hospitals etc. In comparison with alternative heat energy sources as brown coal, black coal or wood etc., the heating by liquified petroleum gases is one of the least demanding kind of heating from the point of view of servicing and it is environment friendly. An important aspect to consider is that the gas heating is not dependent on any kind of distribution network and is therefore suitable for isolated buildings far from built-up areas and distribution networks. It is possible to choose between placing a storage tank above ground or underground depending on locality and client´s needs.

Profer Group´s offer to clients:
  • Construction of gas installation.
  • Storage tank advantageous rent – usual capacities 1.2 t, 2.1 t or another type depending on client´s wish.
  • Guaranteed supplies of high quality fuel gas.
  • Full service and revisions in compliance with valid regulations and the highest technological standards until the end of heat source operation.
  • Ecological and clean operation without impurities, soot, solid waste, minimum emissions comparable with natural gas and compliance with the strictest ecological criteria valid for EU member states.

Because of long-term improving and development, our company in cooperation with our partners developed an installation which enables economical heating of butane and therefore makes the gas heating more efficient.

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